Velo South is coming!
23 September 2018
Road Closures will be extensive and prolonged throughout West Sussex:

LICKFOLD/CHURCH: 08.15 -16.45
VANN ROAD: 08.30-17.30
Church Road and Church Road to Lickfold will be CLOSED to traffic from 08.15 - 16.45

Vann Road to Ellmers Marsh will be CLOSED to traffic from 08.30 - 17.30

During these times :-

Southbound vehicles  on the A286 will NOT be able to cross at Fernhurst Cross roads

Northbound vehicles on the A286 will NOT be able to cross at Fernhurst Crossroads
The following is an extract from the FAQ's on the Velo website:-

How can people get around the road closures?
Pedestrian access is not restricted during the event however pedestrians are advised to take the utmost care when crossing the route and use an existing crossing point where available; this will normally be an existing zebra crossing. If a pedestrian is unsure as the suitability of a crossing location they can ask an event steward for assistance. For locals travelling by bicycle, it is recommended to dismount at the road closure and take care when crossing the route, again using an existing crossing point where available.

It will not be possible to cross or drive along the route in a vehicle. The easiest way to navigate around the road closures will be to use Google maps or a satellite enabled/live update GPS. The route and road closures will be updated live into these systems on the day of the event.

We strongly recommend where possible to plan any journeys ahead of time. A full interactive route map and travel advice will be available on our website a number of months ahead of the event to allow plenty of time for planning. In some instances, for residents living very close to the route, parking a short distance away ahead of the road closures may be advisable in order to make a particular journey without a detour.

For anyone struggling to navigate the road closures, find a route, or with any other queries, the Vélo Route team are available to assist and are contactable by email or answering-machine service in the lead up to the event. On the day of the event a hotline number will also be in operation.


Phone: 01243 935 359